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WTF? Liniste ! Vorbesc veteranii.

– „What the fuck are you talking about the army rangers are the most disciplined in the entire military the marines are overated cause force recon gets 2 more weeks of basic training than the any unit because they have to go through some aquatics shit because they are a part of the navy and besides the army rangers have close to if not over the amount of training force recon goes through because of aquatics and paratrooper school”

– „lol…wow, your jack ass. I was a Marine and i went through the Basic Reconnaissance Course before transfering to and graduating SSBC. After i became team leader, i went through US Army Ranger School to help refine my skills in direct action warfare, and earned a Ranger tab. I was a Ranger qualified 0317 Recon Marine and i can tell you with full certainty that Ranger school was much easier than Recon training and the soldiers there were hardly what i would call highly disciplined.”

– „LOL. You wanna be a Marine? Take the challenge, and see if you got what it takes to be one of us. If you make it, then come back and tell me whether you still have the same mindset about the Marine Corps vs the rest of the military. Yeah, we’re taught that we all „protect the same country,” but respect one another? Yeah, I’ll treat an army officer like an officer, and that’s about the extent of my respect for the army. Army enlisted? Not a chance. We are not all the same.”

– ”

top 3 Rankings of Best Military Personnel in world

A 3-Way Tie – AusSAS, BritishSAS and SPETNAZ

2. Foreign Legion (altough their discipline is revered to be the greatest)

3. Delta Force US and Rangers”

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