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John Norton-Griffiths – il cunoasteti?,_1st_Baronet

Partea frumoasa din textul de mai sus:

Perhaps his most-important contribution came when he was sent to sabotage the Romanian oil fields ahead of a German advance early in the war.[4] Colonel Norton-Griffiths used such techniques as dumping cement down the wells, filling tanks with nails, and emptying storage wells and then setting them on fire. He was able, almost single-handedly, to destroy seventy refineries and 8,000 tons of crude oil. General Ludendorff of the German army was later quoted as saying, We must attribute our shortages to him. German efforts later got some of the Romanian fields back online for the war effort, but they were never able to recover fully. This difficulty led to the priority of securing Romania as an ally of Adolf Hitler in World War II. He was promoted Lieutenant-Colonel in 1918 (although he had temporarily also held the rank in 1916). He was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in 1916 and made a baronet in 1922.

Sir John was a keen supporter of Liverpool football club and was a director of Arsenal Football Club between 1928 and 1930


  1. 24/06/2011 la 22:35

    Adica e sabotor de meserie .

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