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Sefu’ nu mi-l opriti din salar, nu?

Baiatul a ratat cu siguranta  prima de craciun. Urmatorul salariu dupa 398 de ani..

  1. 27/07/2011 la 19:20

    Pai pilotul a murit . 😦

  2. 27/07/2011 la 19:31

    “During planned flights on Sept. 5 at 16:27 Su-33, piloted by Sub Colonel Yuri Korneev was landing on the deck of the Admiral Kuznetsov. The aircraft was not armed. The jet hooked up for the air finisher, but cable broke. The jet kept running on the deck. In the morning when the Su-33 was already falling off the deck, the flight controller on the aircraft carrier gave the pilot the command to catapult. The plane fell in the water and sunk in the depth of about 1,000 meters. Korneev landed on the water with a parachute and opened the raft from his rescue pack. The training flights were stopped on the Admiral Kuznetsov. The rescue helicopter Ka-27PS took off from the deck of the aircraft carrier and brought the pilot onboard. The pilot was in a normal condition.”

    According to the source, it is possible that the pilot also made a mistake during the incident. The jet pilot, according to instructions, should have revved the engine after the cable broke and performed an emergency takeoff. However, the fault of the pilot can be determined only after analysis from the Su-33’s black box. Capt. Of First Rank Igor Dygalo, head of the press center of the Main Staff of the Navy, said that the black box as it was designed went up to the surface after the plane drowned.

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